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 Dusan Bajevic presented as new manager Olympiacos

Dusan Bajevic, last seasons' coach of AEK Athens, is now the new coach of Olympiacos Piraeus for the second time after his 1996-1999 period with the club.
The first time he came to Olympiacos was in 1996 after a successful period in charge of AEK. Because of that the relationship between the fans of Olympiacos and AEK got worse. Everytime when Bajevic visited AEK it was like a nightmare for him. The AEK fans never forgave Bajevic for leaving them although he came back several years later.

Last season the AEK fans showed him their anger using creepy methods and finally made him to leave the club. His return to Olympiacos now has nothing to do with the first time but it's obvious that the AEK hatred against him is big.

Bajevic is from Serbia-Montenegro and he has worked in Greece as a coach for AEK, Olympiacos, PAOK, AEK again and now Olympiacos. He is considered as the most successful coach in Greece because he has gained a lot of championships and cups and he did well in the European competitions.

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