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Sao Paulo vs. Palmeiras
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Rivals, The Offbeat Guide To The 92 League Clubs, is one of the best derby books available.

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True derbies are virtually non-existant in Australia's A-League, due to the fledgling competition's "one-city, one-team" rule. However, in the competitions short history rivalries have already developed, most notably:

Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory

Built upon historical rivalry between Australia's two biggest cities, this rivalry has quickly become the most passionate and bitter in Australian football. These clubs boast (arguably) the largest supporter groups in the league and matches between them typically draw large crowds. Relations between supporter groups of both clubs are tense.

Central Coast Mariners vs Newcastle United Jets

Billed as a local derby even though these clubs are located 90km apart.
Despite this both teams place particular importance on this meeting and rivalry is strong. Each time these two clubs meet the rivalry seems to get a little more passionate.

Sydney FC vs Central Coast Mariners

These two teams are geographically the closest of any two A-League clubs but relations between supporter groups are remarkably amicable. The matches are
played with extra zest, though Sydney is more concerned with Melbourne, and Central Coast with Newcastle.
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